People always think they need gear before they can get started. They think they have to have all of this stuff on a table. A horde of equipment or it’s impossible to begin. That’s the drawback of a tech society. Tech needs gear. Tech is gear. But the human being is not tech. The human being needs first the will and then the step. Anyone who has ever gotten into anything, art, sport, acting, will tell you that you acquire gear as you go. You start with one or two things, as cheap as you can get, and you get cheap gear because you’re new at it. Cheap gear has two great virutes. It’s obviously cheap and you don’t feel bad when you exhaust it. A cheap piece of charcoal can recreate an awful lot of masterpieces. A cheap baseball can train a future Hall-of-Famer. Just depends on whether or not you have the courage to begin.
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